University of Missouri-Kansas City

United States of America


Students will gain hands-on experience by using the fabrication labs to make their product prototype. Our 3D printing lab, fabrication shop, as well as AR/VR lab will be opened to the students to use during the semester, monitored by our technology advisors. Our tech workshop involves group work and requires the students to learn how to collaborate effectively. This is an essential skill in entrepreneurship. In a workshop setting, students can get immediate feedback on their prototype. This can be extremely beneficial for the learning process, as it allows students to adjust and improve in real time.


For this program, we will invite industry experts, international experts, technological experts, and business experts to join to provide guidance and valuable speeches to our students. The students will gain experiences, knowledge and resources from the mentors.

Culture Activities

Barbecue, fountains and jazz define Kansas City—and have since the city's original renaissance in the early 1920s. Students will explore the city by tasting local food, sightseeing and attending a Royals baseball game.

Business visits

H&R Block, Google Fiber, Seaboard Corp, Sprint, Cerner and many other successful businesses have started and thrived in KC. We will take field trips to the highly business-oriented community near the state-straddling line of both Kansas and Missouri that is known as Startup Village, that has created much business and entrepreneurship successes in the area, seeing over 32 startups happening at once, at times!

Assessment and Certification

Participants will be evaluated based on their performance in individual and group assignments, presentations, and case studies. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion, highlighting the skills and knowledge acquired during the training. The proposed tech-driven entrepreneurship training program aims to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the technology startup landscape. By equipping participants with the necessary tools, strategies, and guidance, the program will foster a culture of innovation, leadership, and ethical entrepreneurship.