Vytautas Magnus University

Kaunas, Lithuania



Learning activities in class that discuss entrepreneurship material including Development of Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills, Management for Business Start-up's, Environmental Concerns in Business. Principles of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Company, Accounting of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Waste Management Principles of Circular Economy in Sustainable Business, Towards "Greenfluencing": Skill Development in the Encouragement of Mindset Towards Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development, Development of Food Supply Chains and the Local Food System in the Context of Sustainability

Practical Activities

Contains practical activities such as group work, sustainable practice, visits to Vilnius business organizations

Field Trips

Field trips made to visit business organizations in Vilnius

Cultural Component

Learning that aims to get to know Lithuania through history and culture through visits to the old town and volunteer activities at the Ukrainian Center