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Dive deep into the magnificent culture of the world through Cultura, a place where you can immerse yourself in the adventure discovering various life lessons from informal settings, such as traveling, culture, and the people you meet whilst abroad.

IISMA Insights

Ever wonder how overseas education shaped the thinking process of our awardees? See through the lens awardees about the wide arrays of insights they get during their exchange abroad through IISMA Insights.


In Universitour, IISMA Editorial wishes to highlight the amazing and distinctive features of IISMA Partner Institutions through its awardees’ eyes.

Humans of IISMA

We all agreed that we can always learn something from others, right? Through a curated list of figures, Humans of IISMA aspire to inspire and be inspired from others.

As the wise words say, pictures speak louder than words. See the world through the eyes of our awardees, as well as the unique story behind every picture.