to go ABROAD

Let’s Fly Higher with IISMA

20 Credits

Guaranteeing 20 credits transfered to Indonesian universities to ensure students will not be left behind due to following IISMA program in host universities. 20 credits is gained through academic and activities taken based on students’ interest.


Giving students chance to learn multidisciplinary knowledge based on each student’s interest through various courses. They are free to choose courses which do not have correlation with their department in home universities.

Knowledge & Skill

Giving students chance to gain knowledge and skills from world renowned universities in 30 countries. A great chance to learn to lecturers with good capability in their field of study.

Cross-cultural Understanding

Increasing students’ cross-cultural understanding through gaining experience in host countries. Students also can develop cross-cultural skills as they study and stay in the same class with locals.


Enhancing networks in international level through meeting local and international students, lecturers and society. Networks can be gained by involving in academic and non-academic activities in host universities.


Preparing qualified graduates with experience, knowledge and skills to gain future careers. Learning experience abroad can give more values as important part of students’ equipment for future workplace.