Frequently Asked Questions

IISMA Co-Funding 2024 Related

IISMA Co-funding is part of the Kampus Merdeka (Emancipated Learning) Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, using a partial funding scheme between the government and the student to allow greater opportunity to Indonesians to study for a semester at the best universities around the world. The Co-funding scheme of the IISMA Program was initiated due to the significant increase in the enthusiasm among the students, their home institutions, and the IISMA partner institutions abroad. IISMA Co-funding aims to introduce undergraduate and vocational students of Indonesia to the diversity of academic and cultural environments on the international level. 

In IISMA Co-funding, you need to upload Parental Statement of Independent Component Financing from your parents, who will be responsible for funding outside the scholarship coverage. If you will be funded by other party (not your parents), you are required to upload Parental Statement Approving Independent Component Financing by Guardian. Find the details here. 

You can check the details in the Scholarship Coverage section here. 

Detailed information regarding this matter will be distributed post final announcement. 

Estimated expenses list is provided on our website. Do remember that the estimated number is based on guidelines provided by LPDP and my change due to fluctuation of exchange rate. We highly suggest prospective awardees to conduct deep research about this issue beforehand. 

Yes, your home university is responsible to recognize the courses as 10 credits after you return to Indonesia. 

You have to choose 3 host universities as preference.

In principle you will go through the same series of activities. 

Each type of document has their own respective deadlines. Pay attention to them and submit the documents before the deadlines as late submission won’t be tolerated. 

It’s not mandatory but highly suggested to submit. 


Please prepare the required documents as mentioned through this website. 

Please refer to the Eligibility and Required Documents section about  on this website.

No, IISMA will only issue letters of nomination for awardees. Other additional documents should be prepared by the awardees independently.

Awardees are required to prepare and submit all administrative documents before, during, and after the mobility program. Information on the required documents will be provided on IISMA’s monitoring and evaluation platform.

No. Awardees are allowed to use e-meterai

Registration: Technicalities

Yes. The minimum language proficiency and GPA requirements stated in ‘Eligibility and Required Document’ page. IISMA for Undergraduate and IISMA for Vocational students have different standards. Moreover, the detailed minimum language proficiency and GPA requirements are also required by each host university. Details can be found in the host university section.

No, IISMA only accepts language certificate that are in line with the requirements provided on this website and the IISMA guidelines.

No, TOEFL ITP is not accepted.

The interview questions are related to the relevant qualifications that awardees must posses to represent IISMA’s visions and missions. 

You can only choose three universities in one application.

Registration: Beyond Technicalities

Each host university may set its own quota, but this information is neither shared with IISMA nor released to the public.

Yes, but if they are awarded the IISMA scholarship, they cannot be actively in receipt of any other scholarship during the course of the IISMA program.

Yes, applicants of IISMA Vocational (D3/D4 students) have to choose study program that is in-line with their study program/department in their home university based on the document released by Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology No 257/M/KPT/2017 about Study Program at Higher Education Institution (Keputusan Menteri Riset, Teknologi, dan Pendidikan Tinggi Republik Indonesia Nomor 257/M/KPT/2017 Tentang Nama Program Studi pada Perguruan Tinggi.). Please refer this link for further information (click here)

We highly suggest you to upload it to your instagram and/or twitter account. Make sure you account is your real account and is public/not private. 

To see the university list suitable for students, applicants should first fill in their English Proficiency Test Score. The list of universities will show universities thatcan be choosen by applicants reflecting from their EPT Scores. 

Registration: Post Acceptance

Yes, there will. More information will be provided soon.

Yes. It will be offered to the awardees immediately after their acceptance announcement as Statement of Absolute Responsibility (Surat Pertanggungjawaban Mutlak or SPTJM).

Yes. Penalties are given on a case-by-case basis. Unreasonable cases will also impact home university involvement in future IISMA programs.

No. IISMA will send out awardee nominees to the host university. The awardees themselves will take responsibility to follow every aspect of the host university’s admission procedure.

No, but you must fulfill all of the host university’s language proficiency requirements.

Scholarship Grant and Coverage: Technicalities

The scholarship will cover registration fee, tuition fee, settlement allowance, transportation fee, visa application fee, health insurance fee, and living allowance. 

The awardees will pay accommodation costs from their living allowance.

The scholarship payment follows a reimbursement system, except for the settlement and living allowances. The funds will be distributed following completion by the awardees of all the IISMA terms and conditions.

The funds will be transferred to each awardee’s Mandiri bank account or, for those living in Aceh, a BSI bank account. Awardees who do not have accounts in either of these required banks are encouraged to open one as soon as possible. Awardees are responsible for opening a bank account that can be used for transactions abroad (not a GPN card). 

If the awardee has an overseas bank account, they will receive the second living allowance in that account. This option is only available to awardees who have previously informed IISMA of their overseas bank account.

It will take at least 21 working days following completion and submission of all the required documents. Reimbursements will be processed collectively for each host university, not to individual students.

Please confirm this with your home university. You must be an ACTIVE student enrolled at your home university in order to participate in IISMA.

The IISMA scholarship covers tuition fees payable to the host university. Each awardee’s tuition fee obligations to their home university are subject to the policies and bylaws of their respective home universities.

The allowances are typically distributed every three months, but this number depends on the duration of your exchange program at the host university.

The amount depends on the duration of the exchange program at the host university as set by IISMA.

Scholarship Grant and Coverage: Beyond Technicalities

You are expected to pay every other fees that are not covered by the IISMA scholarship. More information on this will be given during the program orientation.

While IISMA is unable to provide a guarantee, the living allowance in the IISMA scholarship is carefully calculated and set in accordance with the standard costs of living in each country of the IISMA host universities.

Awardees who disagree with the amount of their living allowances are welcome to withdraw from the IISMA program.

Awardees are not allowed to seek or receive sponsorship from third parties affiliated with certain companies or organizations. However, they are free to obtain funding from their home universities.

This depends on the awardees’ punctuality. The scholarship will only be disbursed after all the required documents have been completed and submitted by all the awardees attending the same host university.


Please refer to the nearest immigration office.

This is beyond IISMA’s responsibility. If you need documents from your home university, then please get directly in contact with your university’s international office.

It is recommended for you to renew your passport. IISMA Awardees are obligated to have passport with minimum expiration date of 6 months after the program ends. Please refer to the requirements stated in each host countries. 


Please refer to the visa requirements of the country of your host university.

Please refer to the relevant institution.

As soon as possible. Awardees who are unable to fulfill the required documents in a timely manner will not qualify for the IISMA Program.

Please consult your host university, the immigration or visa authority, and the relevant institutions.

As a rule, no. Visa applications are the individual responsibility of each awardee.

You can choose to use the services of a third party for your visa application, but please note that IISMA does not bear the fees incurred for any such service.

Please refer to the requirements of the immigration or visa authority and the police department.

Credit Recognition: Registration Period

For IISMA Undergraduate, the answer is no. In fact, awardees must take courses from different majors, departments, programs, or concentrations at the host universities. Meanwhile, for IISMA Vocational, awardees must take courses based on scientific groups which align with your major in Home University.

No. IISMA awardees are obliged to convert the credits earned from the courses taken at the host universities.

Please consult with the medical faculty at your home university.

Credit Recognition: Post Awardee Acceptance

Each faculty or department at a university may have different understandings of the conversion of course credits earned from courses taken abroad. Please consult directly with the faculty leadership at your home university.

Yes. You are required to communicate to your home university to recognize all the credit you acquire from IISMA Program based on Keputusan Menteri Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi Republik Indonesia Nomor 210/M/2023 tentang Indikator Kinerja Utama Perguruan Tinggi dan Lembaga Layanan Pendidikan Tinggi di Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi. Moreover, IISMA doesn’t implement direct credit conversion (credit-to-credit) nor providing guidelines related to this issue. However, IISMA implements credit recognition system where 3-4 courses taken at host university will be recognize as Indonesian University credit system (or SKS).

For IISMA Undergraduate, each awardee has to take three-to-four (3-4) courses offered at the host university. For IISMA Vocational, each awardee would be able to take course and industrial exposure (internship, company visit, real project, or others) during the program and equivalent with 4 normal courses.

Your final grades will be taken from the academic transcript issued by your host university and the result of your completion of assignments in Academic Progress Report and Dissemination during the IISMA program. For the conversion of these grades, you may consult with the international office at your home university and your faculty member or person in charge related to academic credit.


Health insurance is organized collectively as a batch for each host university in one IISMA exchange period. If this insurance fees are included in the education fund package, then you are not required to arrange for health insurance by yourself.

You are free to choose your own insurance plan, but required to pick the lowest premium value for that plan. Your host university will consult with an IISMA coordinator to make sure that the insurance costs can be refunded.

No. IISMA is only open for students attending higher education institutions under Kemdikbudristek.

Please consult with your home university. In principle, all awardees must comply with all IISMA timeline and requirements before, during, and after the exchange program. If you fail to follow a predetermined timeline, then you will be asked to resign from the IISMA program.

No, students’ departure and return flights will be arranged by IISMA. 

Yes. There will be a mandatory pre-departure briefing for students who are departing to their host countries.

No. Therefore, you must prepare well for your departure and make sure all the international travel requirements are met.

You are not allowed to take any academic load at your home university while participating in the IISMA program, both for IISMA Undergraduate and IISMA Vocational . In principle, all awardees must comply with all IISMA timeline and requirements before, during, and after the exchange program. If you fail to follow a predetermined timeline, then you will be asked to resign from the IISMA program.

Students will attend classes along with attending related industries or internship to expand their knowledge.

Yes. You are subject to academic and non-academic obligations set by both IISMA and your host university.

The length may differ according to each host university. The IISMA exchange program is set for a duration based on the agreement between IISMA and your host university.

Awardees are not allowed to take part time jobs during the program. Students are required to focus on studying along with completing all assignment given by the IISMA committee. Internship taken by IISMA Vocational Path Awardees is one exception as it is part of the program, only internships designed for the program are allowed.

Awardees are allowed to received wages should it be part of the competencies of the program which refer to the rules and managed by host universities.

No. Classroom learning is expected to take place in person.

You must conduct adequate research to prepare for weather and climate differences at your host country.

This depends. In order to minimize the effects of culture shock, you are strongly encouraged to conduct preliminary research about the host country before departure.

Your host university may provide language training facilities, which may be of use if you want to learn the local language, free of charge. Please consult with your host university.

You will be part of the IISMA alumni network, comprising the best students across Indonesia that are expected to lead the country and become exemplary figures for the current and next generations.

You are allowed to accept invitations to speak on these events about your experience with the IISMA program, but you are not allowed to take financial remuneration or honoraria of any kind from these events.

Yes, as long as you provide documentation in support of your claim of residence outside Jakarta or the city of your home university, for example a Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP).