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IISMA Alumni Club was founded in 2022 to connect the first batch of IISMA awardees who have completed their studies abroad and returned to Indonesia. We aim to maintain continuous connection and development among all IISMA awardees.

Dr. Rachmat Sriwijaya Chair of IISMA Program

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To accelerate the development of human resources in Indonesia, the Indonesian government is looking for a new strategy to strengthen the commitment introduced by Mr. Nadiem Makarim, Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia through the “Kampus Merdeka” program. The Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) have contributed to shaping the world’s future leaders, which can be seen from the quality of its alumni. To accommodate IISMA’s vision, we are honored to have the IISMA Alumni Club (IISMA-AC) which has the important task of bringing together alumni of the IISMA program spread throughout Indonesia in a competitive, adaptive, inclusive, and contributive form for organizational forums. The purpose of this organization is to connect alumni with the IISMA RI program. IISMA-AC will utilize digital media in conveying and disseminating information quickly and efficiently. Therefore, there is no doubt that IISMA-AC, in the long term, plays an important role in aspiring and reconnecting young Indonesian leaders around the world.


Mentorship for Awardees

The program aims to assist new IISMA awardees maximize their experience academically and non-academically, where a mentor will be matched with a cohoty of mentees.

Alumni Editorial

The Alumni Editorial program encourages IISMA alumni to write in-depth, high-quality articles on various topics that aim to inspire potential awardees.

Alumni Growth

This program comprises mentorship, workshops, seminars, and other such activities that are specifically tailored to improving the skills and providing better opportunities for IISMA alumni.

IISMA-AC Editorial Page

A narrative collection for every IISMA adventure, experience, and revelation!

Memory Lane

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